FL.ag had a total of 17 issues excluding the promo only issue #00. Starting from 2005, the magazine went on for 3 years and stopped its run in 2008. Featuring numerous artists locally and internationally, FL.ag became a cult magazine with strong followings from the local creatives and anyone who digs “Cool”.

Content was a mix of street fashion, good music, great graphics and whimsical illustrations put together by and featuring different artists across its lifespan.

FL.ag celebrated its first anniversary at Haji Lane with a street party with art exhibition along the street’s shophouses featuring works from Faile, Rostarr and Phunkstudio. It was the first street event held at Haji Lane and subsequent years saw DBS Bank launched their Live Fresh card there and also celebrated their first anniversary of the card the following year.

In between all the prints, FL.ag ran its own intimate parties YHBF (You Have Been FL.agged) successfully at Clinic, BluJaz and Night & Day. Each night showcased different DJs bringing to the decks music FL.ag was about and also saw local artists dishing out art Live on a piece of canvas in the space provided.

By the end of 2008, FL.ag has not only lead and informed but have also inspired the young to be creative.

FL.ag was reported to be the No.1 Underground Magazine in Singapore in May 2006 by Synovate Trends: Tribal Times for Mindshare.

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